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I · know · I'm · a · sinner · but · I · can't · say · NO

and now you're looking like i used toooooooooooooooo. you came in with the breeze on sunday morning

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sure have changed since yesterday, without any warning.

I went and saw No Doubt last night and it was AMAZING. I love female singers. Also, when Gwen sang "I always thought, I'd be a mom" from "A Simple Kind of Life," she gave this smirk. Because she is a mom and she WON that battle with Gavin. HOORAY.

I also bought a shirt for 35 bucks which I now regret because I am so ridiculously poor that it's not funny. :( I need a job. For sure. No joke.

I start grad school next month. WHOA

I just saw my boyfriend yesterday and I miss him.
I'm gross, I know.

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