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I · know · I'm · a · sinner · but · I · can't · say · NO

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Mondays are days where I am usually bored and filled with irrational thoughts.

Because it's monday.

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sure have changed since yesterday, without any warning.

I went and saw No Doubt last night and it was AMAZING. I love female singers. Also, when Gwen sang "I always thought, I'd be a mom" from "A Simple Kind of Life," she gave this smirk. Because she is a mom and she WON that battle with Gavin. HOORAY.

I also bought a shirt for 35 bucks which I now regret because I am so ridiculously poor that it's not funny. :( I need a job. For sure. No joke.

I start grad school next month. WHOA

I just saw my boyfriend yesterday and I miss him.
I'm gross, I know.

* * *
i would love the postal service to make a new album. and all the songs be about how much ben loves zooey.

the end.

* * *
While I have been trying to be completely positive about love in any sense, the movie He's Just Not That Into You really made me angry. Idk why. Maybe it was just too girly for me.

My knee has been hurting completely and I'm so tired of fighting for people's friendships. Do I not say this at least four times a year?

* * *
if i could go one day without someone annoying the hell out of me I'D LIKE MY LIFE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER

also, the fact that i just found out that death cab was coming to town this week and then i found out that it was sold out was super lame and it made me pretty upset, actually

* * *
* * *
I had a good weekend. Everytime I have a good weekend and I come home, I tend to get really sad. And I also don't understand how if I tell you something really important and the only thing you comment on is the funny website I sent you, how that is ok. HOw that is acceptable.

I'm just so frustrated all the time.

* * *
hells bells, love

maybe i should stab my eyes out

* * *
I had something legit to say, but I forgot

I'm going to visit the burg this weekend and my work friends might be right:
I might have actually enjoyed my college experience.

Now i'm going to have to go sit on a ledge and contemplate my life

* * *
I can't even look at people kiss on tv without wanting to die


* * *
Pretty much what gets me through some days at work is g-chatting with Paul and random texts from Alex. It makes my day more bearable. Although, it's sad when Paul is in Ohio. I'm really glad I started being Paul's friend, he's awesome. The blasian is probably dead though, so if anyone was really looking forward to a Celebucki-Stringfellow baby, you've got another thing coming.

Also, Alex sends me sweet texts that say things like this: "I'm just saying, it's a fun hey-let's-drink-a-30-pack-of-pbr crazy"
about my craziness.

* * *
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